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The Vintage Hair Salon

Modern Styles With A Vintage Feel

. . Layla & EyeLean . .

Instagram: @LaylaTheTripodDog

FREE kisses at The Vintage Hair Salon

     I adopted this amazing girl (Layla) on 10-30-19. Layla is believed to be a seven-year-old, ‘Rat Terrier’ mix. Layla was flown over to the United States (30hr. crate trip) from Armenia after a car hit her while she was nursing her puppies. Layla lost her full front right leg and all but three tiny misplaced teeth. "Mutts in Need " out of Newport Beach, CA. got connected with the rescue in Armenia and took in Layla. Her absolutely lovely and amazing foster mom Kym watched her for over a year with only a few applications received, until she found her perfect forever home with me!

     I adopted EyeLean on 12-22-20 from "Marleys Mutts" believed to be seven years old (and seven pounds). EyeLean (formerly Meghan) was dropped off at the San Bernardino Shelter after being attacked by a large dog. Which mangled bother her front legs and loosing her right eye. The shelter casted both front legs trying to fix them but were unsuccessful. EyeLean needed a specialist. That is when the shelter contacted Marleys Mutts. They took her in, got her to a specialist who was able to fix her left leg but her right leg needed to be fully amputated. EyeLean was loved and looked after by several foster parents during her surgery transitions. Much love and gratitude to them all!

Thanks to all of my customers, friends, family and kind strangers donating Layla was able to get a custom wheelchair made by "Eddies Wheels ", due to her full front leg loss. We are working on getting Layla adapted to it.

Now we are getting a set of wheels for little Miss EyeLean!

Made in the USA

Not many things we buy are made from scratch in the USA anymore. The only things we buy are metal, wheels, fasteners and padding. While it's true that most of what we buy comes from other countries,...